Parents Recommend:

Shiri is an INCREDIBLE teacher. She's been doing weekly private lessons with my 5 yo for about a year and a half. She is SO creative - always coming up with new games and activities to teach vocab, reading and writing. My son is always engaged and excited and tells Shiri he loves her constantly. He is now reading and writing Hebrew! She's amazing, highly highly recommend.  (Rachel,July 2019)

NOTHING makes us happier than this amazingly positive, fun and rewarding Hebrew/Jewish experience they’re having with you. These little ladies LOVE their morahs, love learning and listen to what all of you say very diligently. 


Thank you again, your ideas and program are fantastic! ~ Lori & Andrew (June. 2020)

My daughter is 11 months old but I was able to go only on Saturdays (which is for 2-4 year old)...and my daughter LOVES it! She loves the kids around her playing, she enjoys the music and she is absolutely fascinated by the teacher...who is great in connecting to all matter the age...Highly recommend checking this class out! (Reut,March 2018)

Shiri always brings great projects to do with my 2 year old twins. They always look forward to working with her!

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